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Does Social Media affect Google Rankings

Does Social Media affect Google Ranking ??

And the answer to this question is clearly yes. We have seen that the websites with regular Social Media updates are given a plus point. This contributes towards the positive Search Engine Optimisation which improve your Google Search Engine Results Page rankings. In all the Search Engine Algorithm updates of Google, Social Media is given a significant place among all the factors. The point here is not that alone Social Media update will lead you to the good rankings on Google. But the point is that yes, Social Media is one of the main factors that affects Google rankings of your website.

If you are confused about that in What ways does Social Media can help your business, then read this:

  • According to Google, each post/tweet is considered as a page itself. This means all the status updates, tweets, posts, shares on your business page are just like a web page for Google.
  • If you have good audience in your business page, then you are able to reach the maximum number of people.
  • Social Media helps you become a big brand. You just need to be active socially and build good connections (of your niche)
  • In today’s time most of the population is active on Social Media & Networking, So you can reach to the maximum number of people easily.


Well, some experts have said at times that Google does not consider Social signals as major ranking factors. But if we look at the data, then it is clear that Social Media is not only good for Search Engine Rankings but to build an awareness of your business.


Which Social Media Sites are given the most importance ?

Although there are many Social Media Sites, importance is given mainly to most popular Social Media Platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest. You must be updated with Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


How to Improve the status of your Social Media ?

Well, you must be knowing that if you own a business or website, You can create a business page on Google and Facebook. These pages will help you to reach the maximum number of clients.

  • Keep your Profile/Page updated.
  • Post images/Videos regularly
  • Make engaging posts to gain maximum views
  • Use #hAshtags in your tweet.


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